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IV.Charles memorial, Baja, Hungary

The last Hungarin king Charles the 4th and his wife princess Zita  after the dethronement decision arrive in Baja at the 1st November 1921  with train and with ship monitors (Glowworm,  Lady Bird) leave Hungary


Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


1,5 m X 2,5 m near a 20 m long stairs

State of repair/preservation

well managed

Historical WWI Context

The commemoration plaquet of Charles the 4th exile was removed after WWII. Baja city council and the Christian community of the city with the occassion of the 80th anniversary of the exile event in the presence of Ottó Habsburg innaugurated the new memory plaquet.

State of legal protection


Baja city council

Kind of cultural use of WWI


( the available information on and

Holly Trinity square and the mayor house ( foremrly the Grassalkovich  castle) Szentháromság tér 1.

The grey friars church , 6500 Baja, Bartók Béla u 1.

Szent Miklós church , 6500 Baja Miklos utca 8

Türr István museum, 6500 Baja, Deák F. u 1

Nagy István galery, 6500 Baja, Arany János u. 1

Adventure park , 6500 Baja Petőfi- sziget, Március 15. sétány

Skanzen , 6500 Baja, Dunapart 5354/6

Nearby Baja you can find:

Kalocsa Archiepiscopal Treasury - Kalocsa , 6300 Kalocsa, Hunyadi János út 2 

Paprika museum , 6300 Kalocsa, Szent István király út 6

Pécsváradi castle, 7720 Pécsvárad Kossuth tér,

Mohácsi historical park, 7700 Mohács , Mohács Historical Park

Gemenci forest


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