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Graves of honour at Krems cemetery, Lower Austria, Austria

In the graves of honour at Krems cemetery (also called heroes' graves and later war graves), 597 people from the Austrian crownlands as well as the fallen soldiers of enemy armies (Italy, Russia and Serbia) are buried that could not be transferred back to their homelands.

Originally, 66 deceased from the Krems troop hospital and the 12 departments of the reserve hospital had been buried.

Austria, Lower Austria

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Cemetery
  • War monument


The graves of honour at Krems cemetery each measure around 2 x 3.5 metres.

State of repair/preservation

The graves of honour are in good condition.

Historical WWI Context

In the graves of honour at Krems cemetery, initially constructed to the left of the cemetery chapel, 66 dead from the Krems troop hospital and the 12 departments of the reserve hospital had been originally buried.

Many fallen soldiers were also to be buried in these graves until the end of World War One. In some weeks the garrison attended a funeral almost daily. Because the originally planned graves were already occupied in 1915, a further “shaft grave” had to be constructed on the right-hand side of the cemetery chapel.

Several attempts failed during the course of World War One to erect monuments to heroes near the graves of honour. Monuments near the graves were then finally constructed in 1928.

The graves of honour were extensively refurbished in 1986 by the Austrian Black Cross in agreement with the Federal Ministry for the Interior and the Lower Austria Parliament.

State of legal protection

The honorary graves are not under protection.


The system belongs to the City of Krems.

Kind of cultural use of WWI

No touristic use.


Access to the cemetery is free.

Entrance Fee

Access to the cemetery is free.

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Peter M. Juster, In Memoriam. Erinnerungskultur in Krems, Stein und Umgebung, NÖ Militärhistorische Gesellschaft, Dokumentation, Heft Nr. 5, (2017), S. 18–21.

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