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Franz Joseph Kaserne in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Part of the WWI heritage, a military barracks complex constructed in 1901 on the premises of earlier Ottoman barracs building.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Other military building or facility


cca 100x80 m

State of repair/preservation

This Austro-Hungarian era building is still in military use, however the architecture and the façade are preserved in quite good condition.

Historical WWI Context

In the place of the previous Ottoman barracks building “Kršla”, Austro-Hungarian army built a new military command  building. Architects Karl Panek and Franz Blažek made the design of the building and the façade in 1898. Building was constructed in 1901. It hosted the Austro-Hungarian military all the way to the end of WWI, and played an important role in the events of 1914-1915.

State of legal protection

Not officially protected

Kind of cultural use of WWI

Part of the "WWI Sarajevo" tour.


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Entrance Fee

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