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WWI monuments and memorial park in Szentes, Hungary

A. Heroes monument: in 1921 the city of Szentes decided to establish the WWI heroes monument. The limestone monument with four persons  was finished in 1926 by the artist János Pásztor. The monument was set up at Erzsébet square and has the inscription: Hőseink: 1914-1918. Beside the inscription over 1200  solders names from Szentes are placed.

B. Heroes park: after WWI ends in 1921 the deputy committe of Szentes decided to innitiate a park for WWI heroes. It was decided also to gather and register the names of victims.The establisment of the memorial park was made by Antal Vajda and the plans made by Imre Ormos. A 7,5 ha area was dedicated to the park where in 1933 was planted over 11700 tree.

C. Jewish memorial (size 1x3m): the memorial plaquet with the names of WWI victims .
D. Heroes monument in Kálvária cemetery ( 4m high): the monument hold the names of WWI victims.


Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


State of repair/preservation

well managed

Historical WWI Context

A. Heroes monument: The monument was set up at Erzsébet square and hold the names of 1200 solders from Szentes. 
B. Heroes park: in the park was planted over 11700 trees each for one WWI heroe.
C. Jewish memorial: the plaquet hold the names of WWI victims  from Szentes.

D. Heroes monument in Kálvária cemetery: the memorial hold the names of WWI victims from Szentes.

State of legal protection

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Szentes city council

Kind of cultural use of WWI


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Kossuth square

Petőfi hotel

Thermal spa

Koszta József museum , 6600 Szentes, Kossuth tér 1.

Adventure park, 6600 Szentes, Kováts Károly u. 2

Nearby Szentes you can find:

Károlyi castle, 6622 Nagymágocs,

Kurca river main channel, 6600 Szentes, Szegvár

Szécshényi park, 6600 Szentes


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Public Transport

Szentes is situated at 150 km from Budapest and can be reach at M5 highway, rout 542  and rout 451. By train can be reach as: Budapest – Kiskunfélegyháza, Budapest – Szolnok – Szentes, Szeged – Hódmezővásárhely – Szentes. By buss can be reach as:  Budapest – Szentes, Szeged – Szentes, Ororsháza - Szentes

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