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Military cemetery and memorials, Pécs, Hungary

Within the public cemetery are 1701 WWI heroes graves. The grawes arrangement in the „U” parcel has a division of 235 graves and in the  „W” parcel 1466 graves.  In the „U” parcel the graves are placed arround the WWI statue made in 1928. The „W” parcel  arrangement was made in 1998 together with the establishment of the cross with two eagles with 1466 graves. Each year international and nation commemoration ceremonies are hold in the cementery.


Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery


60 ha with 69 parcels

State of repair/preservation

well managed,  213 graves was renovated in 2017

Historical WWI Context

In the cemetery the graves of 1701 WWI Hungarian, Italian and Serbian heroes can be found.

State of legal protection

no available data


Pécs city council

Kind of cultural use of WWI


(the information is available at

Széchényi square

Viktor Vasarely museum, 7621 Pécs, Káptalan u. 3,

Cella Septichora visiting centre,7624 Pécs, Szent István tér,

Zsolnay museum, 7621 Pécs, Káptalan u. 2,

Csontváry museum, 7622 Pécs, Janus Pannonius u. 11,

Jakováli Hasszán mosque, 7624 Pécs, Rákóczi út 2,

Ókeresztény mausoleu, 7621 Pécs, Szent István tér 12,

Archiepiscopal treasury, 7621 Pécs, Káptalan u. 6,

Pécsi basilica, 7624 Pécs, Szent István tér 23, 

Nearby Pécs you can find:

Pécsi TV tower


Jakab hill

Órfűi lake

Pintér garden

Zsolnay well



from  2nd April till the 9th of November: 6 am - 20 pm

from the 10th of November till the 7th of April: 7 am - 17 pm

Entrance Fee

free of charge

Information regarding cities, villages, other touristic attractions (non-WWI) nearby

the Pécs cemetery map is available at and


Public Transport

The cemetery can be reached in the West side by using the route 58, in the South part by the route 57, in the East from Nagyárpádi St., and in the North from Faiskola St.

At each entrance gate is a bus station, from the central bus station the bus 6- 7 and 41 goes to the West and South entrance, the bus 42 goes to the North and East entrance. The available maps serves the orientation in the cemetery.

Further information sources

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Museums Private Collections

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