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Italian Charnel House Kobarid, Slovenia

The charnel house of Italian soldiers was completed in 1938, and on the 18th September it was ceremonially opened by Benito Mussolini. It was the work of the sculptor Giannino Castiglioni and the architect Giovanni Greppi. Its overall ground plan is octagonal, containing three diminishing concentric "octagonal circles" embracing the tapering hill in the upward direction on the top of which stands the church of St. Anthony. Transferred to the charnel house were mortal remains of 7014 known and unknown Italian soldiers who had been killed in the First World War and originally buried in different military cemeteries in the surroundings. Their names are engraved onto the slabs of greenish serpentine. Beside the charnel house, there are also memorial tablets which are dedicated to the Italian soldiers and were transferred from the Bovec area in 1981. Along the road from Kobarid to the church of St. Anthony stand the fourteen Stations of the Cross. The charnel house and the Stations of the Cross are managed by the Italian state.

Slovenia, Kobarid

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery
  • War monument


5600 m2 (75 m x 75 m)

State of repair/preservation

The charnel house is well preserved.

Historical WWI Context

No information available.

State of legal protection

Cultural monument of local significance


Municipality of Kobarid

Kind of cultural use of WWI

Ustanova “Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju” (The Walk of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation), Gregorčičeva 8, 5220 Kobarid,

Kobarid Museum, Gregorčičeva ulica 10, 5222 Kobarid,


Open 24 hours/day throughout the year.

Entrance Fee

There is no entrance fee.

Information regarding cities, villages, other touristic attractions (non-WWI) nearby

Kobarid Historical Trail & Soča Trail (waterfall Kozjak, Napoleon bridge, archelogical site Tonocov grad, river Soča)

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Triglav National Park Info Point in Kobarid

TIC Kobarid


Public Transport

The nearest bus stop is in the center of Kobarid, the nearest railway station is at Most na Soči (23 km away).

Further information sources

No information available.

Museums Private Collections

Ustanova “Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju” (The Walk of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation), Gregorčičeva 8, 5220 Kobarid

Kobarid Museum, Gregorčičeva ulica 10, 5222 Kobarid


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