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WWI memorial in Déri court, Baja, Hungary

In the Déri court of Baja the 23 m high monument is dedicated to the memories of the WWI. The monument was designed by the architects Jenő Padányi Gulyás Jenő (Técső, 1900 – Billings, USA, 1982.) and László Miskolczy (Baja, 1900 – New York, 1974) owner of the Kossuth-price and Ferenc Miskolczy (Vác, 1899 – 1994) painter. The prismatic form column has a sward with the year 1914–1918 and a stlisiert three heap with the double cross and a quotation from the Szózat poem of Mihály Vörösmarty.


Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


23 m high column, the square shaped floor with a sward

State of repair/preservation

well managed

Historical WWI Context

The last Sunday of May in each year is dedicated to WWI heroes. The monument was dedicated to commemorate in the interwar years the WWI heroes.

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Baja city council

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