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The 13. Huszár memorial, Kenderes, Hungary

The statue commemorate the WW1 heroes from the 13th Huszár regiment from Jász - Nagykun county, Hungary. The governor Miklós Horthy planed a composition designed by Gedeon Gerlóczy (Budapest, 1895- 1975). The scuplture was made by Dezső Erdey (Istvánfölde, 1902. – Budapest, 1957). On the top of the Chorintian column the angel St.Michael have in hands the sward and the shield.


Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


16,5 m high column

State of repair/preservation

well managed. The column was renewed in 2014 and after that the surrounding area. Eight heroes bodies was moved from  the cemetery to the monument.

Historical WWI Context

The memorial contain the names of 211  WWI heroes. The building the monument was the duty of the commemorating commette lead by Mr. Gottfried Hellenbach. The opening ceremony was on the 29th July 1941 when several official hold speaches ,among them prince József and governor Miklós Horthy.

State of legal protection

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Kenderes city council

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Public Transport

Kenderes can be reached by car at the road nr. 4 and by buses from other cities

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Horthy castle

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