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“Russian cemetery” – camp cemetery of the former Grödig POW camp, Salzburg, Austria

The soldier cemetery or camp cemetery, also known as the “Russian cemetery”, is situated on the hill between the boroughs of Grödig and Anif (Neu-Anif). Prisoners of War and refugees from the time of World War I as well as soldiers from World War II are buried there. Various memorial stones commemorate the dead.

Austria, Salzburg

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery
  • POW-camp


The POW cemetery is located between the villages Grödig and Niederalm near the city of Salzburg.

State of repair/preservation

The military cemetery is in good condition and is supervised by the Austrian Black Cross.

Historical WWI Context

In the autumn of 1914 the Austro-Hungarian military authorities responsible for prisoners of war took the decision to construct a POW camp near to the community of Grödig in the vicinity of Salzburg. The barrack settlement was able to accommodate up to 40,000 prisoners and consisted of three sub-camps: Camp I (Grödig), Camp II (St. Leonhard) and Camp III (Niederalm). In Camp III (Niederalm), originally also built for POWs, the Austro-Hungarian military established room for Wolhynian refugees from 1916.
Thousands of Russians, Serbians and Italians who died in war captivity were buried in the nearby camp cemetery, known today as the “Russian cemetery”, as were refugees housed in Camp III.

State of legal protection

The cemetery is not heritage-protected.


Kind of cultural use of WWI

Untersbergmuseum Grödig, Fürstenbrunn
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Untersbergmuseum Grödig, Fürstenbrunn
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Entrance Fee

Access to the military cemetery is free.

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Further information sources


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Museums Private Collections

Untersbergmuseum Grödig, Fürstenbrunn (Salzburg)
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