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WWI Heroes Monument in Drobeta Turnu - Severin, Romania

Inaugurated in 1933, the monument is the work of Sculptor Th. Burca and the architect Balosin State. It is represented by a bronze ronde-bosse statuary set placed on a rectangular socket made of concrete. At the base of the pedestal, there is a bronze statue representing Victoria with a sword in her hand and a laurel crown. On both sides of the pedestal, there are two massive buildings made up of four Doric columns on which the fronts recline, and that are made of concrete. Above them, there are bronze eagles with wide wings. In the centre of the two constructions are inscribed the areas and localities in which battles took place during the First World War: "Alion, Cerna, Marasti", "Campia Severinului", "Tighina, Momaia, Jiu", "Tisa, Ciresoaia, Oltenia ". The monument is flanked by two cannons that were used during the First World War.

Romania, South - West Region, Mehedinti County

Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


State of repair/preservation

No information available

Historical WWI Context

The memorial ensemble is erected in honour of heroes who fought and died during the World War One in the fight for reunification of the nation.

A history of Romania's participation in World War I can be found on the following website: 

State of legal protection

This is an objective included in the List of Historic Monuments, classified as historical monuments type B (MH-III-m-B-10448), according to the Order of the Minister of Culture no. 2.828/2015


Mehedinti County Council


The access of the visitors is not restricted.

Entrance Fee

No entrance fee applicable.

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Public Transport

The railway connecting Bucharest - Craiova - Drobeta Turnu - Severin - Orsova - Timisoara Nord - Arad - Curtici (

There are four direct trains a day between Bucharest and Drobeta Turnu Severin and five trains a day between Drobeta Turnu Severin and Timisoara.

There are regular bus journeys by which the city is connected to other towns and cities in Romania and abroad.

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The local transport network is well represented within the city.

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