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Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Log pod Mangartom, Slovenia

The Austro-Hungarian military cemetery is the second stop on the Walk of Peace. On the cemetery are buried around 800 soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Army, who died during the fights on the Isonzo Front (1915-1917) during the First World War.

Slovenia, Bovec

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery


3600 m2 (160*22,5m).

State of repair/preservation

The cemetery is well preserved.

Historical WWI Context

More than 800 Austro-Hungarian soldiers are buried in the four terraces of this cemetery. The fallen soldiers were first buried on the lowest terrace, and then upwards according to the year of the interment. The graves are marked with crosses and the graves of Muslim soldiers with “notches”, typical Muslim tombstones. The monument, standing in the centre of the cemetery, is dedicated to the killed defenders of Mt. Rombon. Its sculpted group shows a Bosnian soldier and a soldier of the Austro-Hungarian Mountain Units who look up towards the top of the mountain, where most of the soldiers buried here were killed in fierce battles. The monument is the work by the sculptor Ladislav Kofránek of Prague.

State of legal protection

Cultural monument of local significance.


Občina Bovec (Municipality of Bovec)
Trg Golobarskih žrtev 8
5230 Bovec

Kind of cultural use of WWI

Ustanova «Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju» (The Walk of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation),

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Tourist Information Centre Bovec




Open 24 hours/day throughout the year.

Entrance Fee

There is no entrance fee.

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Tourist Information Centre Bovec

Public Transport

The nearest bus stop is in Bovec (10 km away), the nearest railway station is in Most na Soči (52 km) or in Tarvisio in Italy (20 km away).

Further information sources

Museums Private Collections

Military Collection A Farewel to Arms 1915–1917)
Sašo Prochazka
Klanc 1
5230 Bovec


Museum Collection of Ivo Ivančič
Ivan Ivančič
Trg Golobarskih žrtev 56
5230 Bovec


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