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WWI cemeteries in Kecskemét, Hungary

A. The 3,7 m high monument is situated in the roman catholic Szentháromság cemetery at Küküllő St.
B. The 3m high column and the plaquet of 1,2 m is situated in the Jewish cemetery


Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery


the catholic cemetery monument cross has a high of 3,7 m. The Jewish memorial column is 3 m high

State of repair/preservation

well managed

Historical WWI Context

A. Roman catholic cemetery: the monument in the Szentháromság cemetery was estabished in 1927. In 1939 the women organisation from Kecskemét ordered the memorial work from the artist Imre Gábor. From a basement shaping the Hungarian Kingdom a 3,7 m high croos is arrising. On the base of the cross is the solder praying to the Jezus.
B. Jewish cemetery: the column has a high of 3 m having on the top a steel helmet. The column inscription is: A KECSKEMÉTI IZRAELITA HŐSI HALOTTAK EMLÉKÉRE 1914–1918. ÉLETÜKET ÁLDOZTÁK A HAZÁÉRT . The marble plaguet of Jewish heroes contain  44 names, 8 of them burried in the cemetery. The inscription on the plaquet: AZ 1914-918. VILÁGHÁBORÚBAN HŐSI HALÁLT HALT HITTESTVÉREINK ÖRÖK EMLÉKÉRE

State of legal protection

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A. the roman catholic church

B. the Jewish community from Kecskemét

Kind of cultural use of WWI

On the available website as you can find:

The mayor house, Kossuth ter 1, 6001 Kecskemét,

Kossuth square , 6001 Kecskemét

Cifra palace, 6001 Kecskemét, Rákoczi út 1

Game park, Műkerti sétány 1

Hungarian Photo Museum, 6001 Kecskemét, Katona József tér 12

Katona József museum, 6001 Kecskemét, Katona József u. 5

Nearby  Kecskemét you can find:

Kiskunsági national park 6001 Kecskemét, Liszt F. u. 19

Kecskeméti arboretum


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Information regarding cities, villages, other touristic attractions (non-WWI) nearby

Other information in the book of Juhász István ( 1999): Kecskemét város temetői. Kecskemét,


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