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Memorial Monument of Eighth Infantry Sea Regiment in Varna, Bulgaria

The Monument is part of touristic attractions and it consists of a Memorial, which is a former portal of the barracks of the Eighth Infantry Sea Regiment. Currently, the  monument-portal is located in the separatory grass area of " 8th  Primorski Polk" Blvd. near to the intersection with "Chataldja" St., where it remained after the extension of the boulevard in 1974. It was built in 1936 in the memory of several thousand fallen marines during the liberation and unification wars in 1912-1913 and 1915-1918.

The architecture-sculptural composition of the portal is decided symmetrically in relation to the street and its central part is resolved as a triumphal arch with two lateral wings and a large tapered opening, flanked by two high pylons. On the front of the pillars, on high pedestals, there are two figures exceeding the human height of a soldier (on the left) and of the volunteer (on the right). Sculptural figures are made by architecture Kiril Shivarov.

On the southern and northern flank of the front of the memorial site are engraved three thousand names of officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers from Varna Eighth Infantry Sea Regiment, fallen in the wars of unification of Bulgaria.

On the two wings inside the memorial site are engraved two maps of Bulgaria - one showing the battle path of the Regiment during the Balkan Wars and the second - the path of the Regiment during the First World War. There are engraved poems dedicated to the Regiment, written by the great national poets Ivan Vazov and Pencho Slaveykov, as well as and Anthem-covenant of Eighth Regiment of Varna poet and educator Emmanuel Mutafov.

Bulgaria, City of Varna, Bulgaria

Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


The monument is about 17 meters

State of repair/preservation

The monument is well preserved – it needs partial renovation. Last repairs were in October-November 2014.

Historical WWI Context

Eighth Infantry Sea Regiment is a military part of the Bulgarian Army of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom. The Regiment was established on 29 December 1878. In the WWI the Eighth Regiment was glorified by its participation in the Dobrich Epopee. On September 1st, 1916 Bulgaria declared war on Romania. On September 4th, 1916, after a brief battle with Romanian army, the Regiment entered Dobrich. Romanian soldiers flee to the north in anticipation of reinforcements. The Romanians are not late to counter-attack and on September 5th the big battle for Dobrich begins. For the first time, Bulgarians also fought against Russian army. The fighting is heavy and with many sacrifices, it lasts for three days but ends with a victory for Bulgaria. In the battles for Dobrich on September 5th , 6th  and 7th,  1916 the soldiers killed and missing by the wounds and the officers of the Regiment were 160 and the officers were four.

Colonels during the WWI are Nikola Sveshtarov, Vasil Milanov, and  Dobri Kolarov.

The number of the killed, the wounded, the deceased and the missing disappeared near 3000.

State of legal protection



Varna Municipality

Kind of cultural use of WWI

Currently the monument is not included in any touristic routs.


The monument is opened all the year round.

Entrance Fee

There are no entrance fees.

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Nearby bus stop – „Chataldja” – bus number: 7, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 31a, 86, 118 148

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