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Memorial park-garden, Bulgaria

In Jiten village Geno Genov, a successors of one of the departures,   gave the idea of building a monument to remind the historical events and the memory of the perished people. With the financial help of the Gen. Toshevo Municipality on the 18th of October 2007 the fist sod was turned and two years later on the 3rd of November 2009 with an official ceremony The Memorial park-garden „The unfinished trashing” was open. As there was a great interest of this place and for the 100 anniversary from the event on 15th of August 2016, 12 000 names of carried off people were put on flag-stones and became part of this commemorative ensemble.

Bulgaria, Zhiten, Dobrich distriсt

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Non-Military Site of World War One Relevance


Total size ensemble: l – 15.00 m; w – 1.00 m; h – 4.00 m.

State of repair/preservation




Historical WWI Context

In the middle of August 1916, just before Romanian involvement in the WWI, the authorities in Bucharest took drastic and violent measures against the civil population in Dobrudzha. Between 25 and 30 thousand people most of them representatives of the pick of the population in the region were violently interned in concentration camps in Moldova.  Among them were also people from other nationalities in Dobrudzha as Turks and Germans.  About three-quarters of these innocents died of cold, hunger and tortures.
Although the problem with the kidnapped   people of Dobrudzha found some international reverberation it is solved not until January 1918. Returned from exile people undergo a mandatory, and then they were allowed to go to their homes. For this tragic and little known episode of the history of Dobrudzha today reminds only monumental slabs with the name of departures in different villages and districts.

State of legal protection


Municipality General Toshevo

Kind of cultural use of WWI


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Further information sources


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