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Mausoleum of the WWI Heroes in Toplita, Harghita county, Romania

The Mausoleum was built based on the initiative of the "Heroes Cult Society" and was inaugurated in 1925 by the first patriarch of Romania, Elie Miron Cristea, who was born in Toplita. On the frontispiece of the monument reads the inscription "Soldiers of the Old Kingdom! Blessed was the day when you gave back Transylvania to your brothers, setting them free through your sacrifice of martyrs ... Transylvania worships you!".

At the base of the mausoleum there is an ossuary that shelters the bones of 771 Romanian soldiers fallen in this region in the battles of 1918. Of these, 25 are identified and were buried in individual niches, and 746 are unidentified and were deposited in the ossuary.

There are 18 white and black marble plates on the walls of the building, on top of which the names of the Romanian heroes are written.


Romania, Centre Region

Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


No information available

State of repair/preservation

Fully renovated in 2015

Historical WWI Context

The Mausoleum in Secu-Toplita, in Harghita County, was erected in memory of the 771 Romanian soldiers who lost their lives during the First World War in these lands. A history of Romania's participation in World War I can be found on the following website:

State of legal protection

The monument is not included on the historical monuments list


Toplita Town Hall

Kind of cultural use of WWI

Each year, on the occasion of the Day of the Heroes, is held a military and religious ceremony consisting in bringing wreaths and flower mounds to the monument; soldiers from the Mountain Hunters Battalion participate in this event as well as officials and the general public.


The access of the visitors is not restricted

Entrance Fee

No entrance fee applicable

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Public Transport

Railroad route Brasov – Miercurea Ciuc – Toplita – Deda – Dej – Satu Mare – Halmeu/Carei/Valea lui Mihai ( There are eight direct trains a day between Toplita and Brasov, and nine between Toplita and Deda ( )

There are regular bus journeys on the following routes connecting Toplita with other destinations abroad and in Romania (

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