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Monument of the Fallen in the Wars from 1912-1913, 1915-1918 and 1941-1945, Troyan

The monument is located about 150 m north-west of the central square of Troyan in a well maintained garden. It is built of Black Sea bigor with mounted marble slabs with the names of the perished people of the town in the wars of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom. The 34th Infantry Troyan Regiment was formed in the course of reforms in the Bulgarian army in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The regiment of the reserve was transformed into a working troop and received its new name – 34th Troyan Regiment. The soldiers' corps was filled by young men from the Lovech and Troyan regions - according to the law in force in those days the army was gathered on a territorial basis.

The height of the monument is 6.50 m, and at the base (1.90 x 1.90 m) around the monument there is a specially built platform with a fence 5.20 x 6.00 m. The project was made by arch. Boris Ivanchev. The funds for the monument’s construction were provided by the Initiative Committee, the Local Society of the Reserve Officers and NCOs, the Society of the Victims of the Wars, Tsocho Oryashkov and other donators. This place is a symbol of heroism and self-sacrifice for the Fatherland, a sign of gratitude, a solace for the mothers, women and children of all 218 victims in the wars from Troyan.

Bulgaria, Troyan

Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


The height of the monument is 6.50 m, and at the base (1.90 x 1.90 m) around the monument there is a specially built platform with a fence 5.20 x 6.00 m.

State of repair/preservation

Very good

Historical WWI Context

The idea of perpetuating the memory of war heroes from the wars for national consolidation with a special monument dated from 1930. The initiative committee, created in the same year, on the idea of Captain Boyadzhiev, commander of the 34th Regiment Company did not succeed at once. After four years, the committee was restored. The aim was an imposing monument to be made  in the middle of the town where the marketplace was situated.

The projects for the monument were five, and the one of arch. Ivanchev from Lovech was chosen to be implemented.

A committee for the construction of a monument was set up and a certain amount was gathered until 1934, when a new committee was formed with the chairman - the town mayor Mircho Vasilev. The official laying of the main stone was on the 25th of April 1937, in the city garden on the town square. The opening was on the 2nd of June 1938, in the presence of deputies and a military part of the 34th Infantry Troyan Regiment.

In the 1950s, the Executive Committee of the City People's Council voted for a new design for the layout of the town central part. In connection with the implementation of the new urban plan of Troyan, on the grounds that "the monument does not meet the contemporary requirements for artistic design", it has been moved to the garden in which it can be seen now.

Every year on the 6th of May – the day of Bravery and Bulgarian Army – near the monument there was a commemoration of the heroes with a special ceremony and the participation of Troyan Municipality, Military formation 24430, National organization “Tradition”- Regional Branch “34th Infantry Troyan Regiment”, Regional Council of War Veterans and Union of the officers and sergeants from the reserve.

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