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World War I Memorial - Szarvas

The statue is placed in front of the castle of Vladimir Mitrovszky that was built in 1835 in a Greek Revival style. The memorial was installed in 1927 and made by Károly Székely. In the top of the obelisk a turul was portrayed with extended wings with a sword in his claws. There are 1 154 names listed, the names of the victims from Szarvas. 



Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


State of repair/preservation

In good condition.

Historical WWI Context


The soldiers from Szarvas mostly fought in the 101st Infantry regiment in Békéscsaba, Budweis, Neuhaus and in the 4th Infantry regiment. Most of them fought at the beginning of the war on the Russian front line, while other soldiers fought on the serbian battlefiled, as during the second part most of the soldiers were placed at the italian front line. lot of them get military award for thier excellent achivements especially the soldiers of the 101st Infantry regiment.

The town was also famous of its donor communities and associations and from the volunteer sustained work of the inhabitants in the medical care of the injured soilders.




State of legal protection

protected (Ruled by the Act LXIV of 2001:


Public property.

Kind of cultural use of WWI

No information available


The Baka Museum in Szekszárd is open Saturdays 9.00-13.00

Other visiting opportunities may be arranged for groups or non-locals by contacting György Borbandi (tel.: +36302260868, e-mail: or Zoltán Tálosi (tel.: +36304571022, e-mail:

For more information about “Új világ született” exhibition visit:

The Museum of Military History is opened from Tuesday till Sunday, form 9.00 – 17.00.

(tel: +36 1 325-1600; e-mail: )

Entrance Fee

Entry to the Baka Museum in Szekszárd is free of charge, the entry to “Új világ született” exhibition is 3000 HUF, while the entry to the Museum of Military History is 1.500 HUF.

Information regarding cities, villages, other touristic attractions (non-WWI) nearby

Municipality of Szarvas is a local government in Békés county, Hungary. Szarvas is situated in the western part of Békés county, only 150 kilometres away from the capital city, Budapest. The town lies along the coast of the backwater of Triple Körös River. Number of inhabitants is 17 600 and it was populated since Prehistoric Times. On its territory we can find the geographical centre point of the historical Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, indicated by a windmill shaped monument which stands at the shore of Körös backwater since 1939. Its significance has come to life after the Treaty of Trianon. To this monument a 1100 meters long Historical Road begins from Saint Stephen Park behind the Old Church and goes through a Székely Gate up to the circle bank of Körös backwater while showing the highly important phases of the hungarian history in the shape of wood sculptures. One of the spectacles of the city known on international level is the 84 hectares large Arboretum of Szarvas also known as Pepi Garden which one of the largest and most visited plant collection of our country. The Körös Valley Visitor Centre can be also found in Szarvas which shows the natural sights of the area with the help of educational trails.


Various providers in broad range of categories can be found at:,


Public Transport

Szarvas is located on the main road No. 44 (Budapest-border- Istanbul) next to the Körös river about 150 km from the capital Budapest and 50 km from the County Town Bekescsaba. The nearest border is in Gyula (HU) / Varsand (RO) to Romania in 65 km distance.

The city has favourable geographical location. The main road No. 44 will be developed to a 4 lane express road until the year 2020 guaranted by governmental financing. The city is connected to the international European railway line (No. 4. Nürnberg-Wiena-Budapest-Arad-Istanbul) with a 20 km branch line at Mezőtúr ( 24 minutes).

Train timetable: www.mavcsoport.en

Coach timetable: www.volanbusz.en

Local Transport / Bus:

Further information sources

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Other heritage sites nearby

Museums Private Collections

There is a museum in Szekszárd (60 km north of Pécs in Tolna county) dedicated to the infantryman of Tolna county who served in the 1st and 2nd World Wars. It is the private collection of György Borbandi and Zoltán Tálosi that has been made available for public viewing. Hungarian language website:

Address: Béla király tér 1., Vár köz, 7100 Szekszárd

„Új világ született“(„A New World Was Born“) permanent exhibition guides visitors from the belle époque through wartime enthusiasm to bitter disillusionment on over 600 square metres. The exhibition brings the horrors of war closer to the spectators of today with the help of exceptional visual devices.

Address: Várkert Bazár, Dél Palota, Ybl Miklós Square 6., 1013 Budapest

There is another permanent exhibition in the Museum of Military History in Budapest with the title, „Hungary in the Great War 1914-1918“.

Address: Kapisztrán Square 2-4, 1014 Budapest


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