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Soldier cemetery in Silistra, Bulgaria

The common ossuary and the solder cemetery are one memorial place. They consist of a 3 meters high wall and 6 meters long in the middle with a cross and sculptured gun and sword, a flag and green brunches and a cross and a half-moon in the two ends of the wall. The ground is covered with stone pieces and surrounded with a small construction.

Bulgaria, Silistra

Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


State of repair/preservation

Very good

Historical WWI Context

The solder cemetery in Silistra appears after 1916. Even the town stood in the background of the military operations, the advancing of the army after the Tutrakan battle to Silistra direction a lot of the wounded soldiers stayed in the local hospital. Some of them died and are buried in the cemetery. Later in 1918 within the border of this memorial place a monument was built. The decision for this was taken as a result of a mutual initiative of the local people and the inheritors of the perished solders. After 1919 when Bulgaria officially went under the Romanian rule, the new authorities showed proper attitude toward this place. Real evidence for this was the fact that But even though they changed the Bulgarian inscriptions on the memorial crosses with Romanian ones. There are 10 separate graves and a common ossuary in the cemetery where the mortal remains of the 53 solders rest. After 1945 the memorial crosses are ruined and just about 1990 were renovated. During the last several years mainly the non-profit volunteer organization "Tradition" was taking care.

State of legal protection

Under the protection of National and Local authorities for the cemetery also an non profit volunteer organization "Tradition" takes care


Municipality Silistra


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