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Cemetery of the German Soldiers (1916-1918) in Batinesti village, Tifesti commune, Vrancea County, Romania

It was built in 1924 and rebuilt after 1994. Here lie about 3,000 German soldiers, a few hundred of them being identified and buried with cross in individual tombs, while the remains of the rest being placed a large ossuary that sits at the entrance to the cemetery. On each cross is written the name of the soldier, the date of his death and the military unit that he used to belong to.

The monument is surrounded by stone walls, and at the entrance there is a stone flank. Hundreds of crosses of the tombs are bordered in four corridors by two broad alleys forming a cross. At the intersection of the alleys there is a stone funeral monument.

Romania, South East Region, Vrancea County

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery


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State of repair/preservation


Historical WWI Context

The cemetery was built in the memory of German soldiers who lost their lives during World War I battles in Romania.

A history of Romania's participation in World War I can be found on the following website:  

State of legal protection

This is an objective included in the List of Historic Monuments, classified as historical monuments type A (-IV-s-A-06653), according to the Order of the Minister of Culture no. 2.828/2015.


Tifesti Commune Mayor’s Office


The monument can be visited throughout the entire year.

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There are no accommodations units in Tifesti Commune. An alternative option would be to book your accommodation in the town of Focsani.

Public Transport

The nearest railway station is Putna Seaca, located between Focsani and Marasesti (

There is a minibus journey between Focsani and Tifesti. (


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