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Prinz Eugen Kaserne (Jajce kasarna), military quarters in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Building of the barracks started in 1912, and finished just before the start of WWI. It was officially opened on March 2nd, 1914. It represented one of the largest objecta in a line of buildings, part of larger military system “Festung Sarajevo”. In 1915, a military filed hospital from Jajce was moved to the barracs, and since then, it was informally called “Jajce-kasarna”.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Other military building or facility


Cca 55,94 m x 38,85 m

State of repair/preservation

Needs renovation/re-arrangement/restoration/revitalization, largerly in derelict state.

Historical WWI Context

Since its construcion in 1914, it hosted units of Austro-Hungarian army, due to depart to the front. Since 1915 it hosted a military field hospital from Jajce (Militär Feldspittal), moved here to be closer to the front, which cared about wounded soldiers returning from the battles.

State of legal protection

Protected by the National commission for preservation of historical monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina


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