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Óbuda WWI memorials, Budapest, Hungary

A. The memorial contain the name of workers in the tram and wagon depot in Óbuda , victims of the WWI. The memorial is made by  Szilárd Sződy . The memorial in 2015 was renomavetd and moved to the Vörösvári St. general school.

B. Pioneers infantry regiment monument situated in Budapest III. district, Óbudai-island, Május 9. park having a 1X1 m large basement a 2 m high column.The monument was made arround the 1920s. Nowdays is unprotected.

C. Békésmegyer heroes: the heroes monument is situated in Budapest  III. district, Hősök sqaure 6/18 hrsz. It was made in 1927 by Gyula Jankovics  and opened to the public in 1929. In 1974 was demolished but in 1985 was renovated and placed on its original place. In 2015 was renovated again. The statue has a high of 3 m , in front a solder holding the flag.  The text of the inscription::„MEGFOGYVA BÁR DE TÖRVE NEM ÉL NEMZET E HAZÁN 1914 – 1918 (VÖRÖSMARTY)”. Later on beside the names of WWI heroes the names of solders from the WWII and 1956 revolution was graved.

D.  Obuda heroes: the monument was made by István Tóth  from donations in 1928 and renovated later in 1993. The monument is situated in the vicinity of the Baroque church constructed in 1749. The foundation has a 1 sqm and the relief has the dimensions  approx.180 cm having behind the cross. Beside the statute the stone plaquet has the inscription of the WWI heroes names.

E.  Csaillaghegy heroes: the architect is unknown, probably originaly was established in a former cemetery.On a basement of 30 cm high is a solder statute having in the hand the gun and a helmet on the head. No inscription on the memorial.

F. Tourist association heroes: the memorial plaquet is constructed in the fence of the tourist association. The inscription is: "A BUDAPESTI TURISTA EGYESÜLET HŐSI HALOTTAINAK 1914 -18 DICSŐ LELKETEK OTT SZÁRNYAL A KÁRPÁTOK FELETT”


Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument
  • Church


A. 1,4m X 2,2 m, B. 3m x3m, C. 3m, D. 1x3 m, E.2m F. 0,3x 0,4 m

State of repair/preservation

well managed

Historical WWI Context

A. The memorial contain the name of workers in the tram and wagon depot in Óbuda , victims of the WWI.

B. Pioneers infantry regiment monument victims of WWI

C. Békésmegyer heroes memory victims of WWI

D.  Óbuda heroes memory victims of WWI

E.  Csaillaghegy heroes memory victims of WWI

F. Tourist association heroes memory victims of WWI

State of legal protection

no data available


Budapest III. district city council

Kind of cultural use of WWI

A. Budapest 3rd district, Vörösvári St. 93., 18729/2 hrsz.(school building at Vörösvári St.)

B. Budapest, 3rd district, Óbudai-island, Május 9. park, 23796/22 hrsz.

C. Budapest, 3rd district, Heroes square, 6/18 hrsz.

D. Budapest, 3rd district,  Lajos St. 168., 17911 hrsz. on the wall of St. Peter and Paul church

E.  Budapest, 3rd district, Lehel St. 16., 61196 hrsz., Csillaghegyi Jezus Hart church garden

F. Budapest, 3rd district, Menedékház St.122., tourist house fence


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