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1916-1919 War Memorial Ensemble in Targu Ocna, Bacau County, Romania

The 1916-1919 memorial ensemble is located in the courtyard of the Church of Saint Nicholas. The heroes’ cemetery of World War I is surrounded by a tiled wall. On the north side of the cemetery lays a monument with a marble plate framed by two adjacent columns. The monument is covered with a small roof made in four shades, made of ceramic tiles. On the marble plate is engraved the following text: "Here rest the heroes fallen in these places in the war that took place between 1916 and1919; [It was] built by the Heroes Cult Society of the Central Committee of Bucharest in 1932".

At the centre of the cemetery, on a basement, there is an obelisk with a height of 3.60 m. On the main facade of the obelisk reads the following inscription: "To the brave soldiers who fell dead in the reunification war of 1916-1919. They who have fallen for their country / On the rich field / Sacrificing a whole spring / They have not died but they have risen from the dead."

Around the monument there are 70 tombs with funerary inscriptions, each of them bearing the name of a hero. This cemetery is also known as the "cannon cemetery".

Romania, North-East Region, Bacau County

Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument
  • Military cemetery


The monument (located on the north side of the cemetery where it is placed) is more than 3 meters tall. The obelisk (that lied in the centre of the cemetery) is 3.6 meters high.

State of repair/preservation

Advanced state of degradation: The cemetery wall of the cemetery is cracked.

Historical WWI Context

The memorial ensemble is erected in honour of heroes who fought in World War One.

A history of Romania's participation in World War I can be found on the following website:

State of legal protection

This is an objective included in the List of Historic Monuments, classified as historical monuments type A (code: BC-IV-m-A-00908.03), according to the Order of the Minister of Culture no. 2.828/2015


Targu Ocna Town Hall

Kind of cultural use of WWI


The access of the visitors is not restricted.

Entrance Fee

No entrance fee applicable.

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Public Transport

The town of Targu Ocna is placed on the railway line connecting Moldova to Transylvania on the route Adjud - Siculeni (Miercurea Ciuc). There are four direct trains connecting Targu Ocna and Siculeni (Miercurea Ciuc) and eight trains between Targu Ocna and Adjud  (

There are regular bus journeys on the following routes: Targ Ocna - Bratesti, Targu Ocna - Slanic Moldova and return, Targu Ocna - Nicoresti, Targu Ocna - Dofteana, Targu Ocna - Onesti and return, Targu Ocna - Valcele, Tirgu Ocna - Viisoara, Comanesti - Targu Ocna - Onesti - Bucharest and return, Brasov - Targu Ocna - Piatra Neamt and return, Bacau - Targu Ocna - Slanic Moldova and return, Targu Mures - Targu Ocna - Bacau and return, Iasi - Targu Ocna - Slanic Moldova  and return. ( )

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