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Werk Zlatište military fortification in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Built in 1898 by Austro-Hungarian army as a part of the Sarajevo fortification system, Fort Zlatište was smaller variant of Werk II. It hosted Austro-hungarian army up to 1918.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military Fortification


cca. 30 m x 40 m

State of repair/preservation

Derelict, partially destroyed, pending conservation and/or restauration.

Historical WWI Context

Situated in the southwest line of Sarajevo’s Austro-Hungarian fortified defences, Fort Zlatište dominates both the Vraca pass and slopes of the main ridge of Trebević mountain. At a relatively small distance from Werk II – Vratca, Werk Zlatišt is a minor variant of the previous, where the main armament were field cannons behind a sliding curtain. Defenders were provided with a robust barracks and a range of infantry weapons. It hosted Austro-Hungarian army up to 1918. Allegedly, a prison was established there during World War II. Currently, the whole interior is completely destroyed. It is now in neglected, partially destroyed state.

State of legal protection



Owner is unknown. No information available.

Kind of cultural use of WWI

Guided tour of the Sarajevo fortification system, hiking tour to Trebević mountain.


No information available.

Entrance Fee

No information available.

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Public Transport

Bus, location is accesible by car, bike, or hike.

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