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Soldier's monument, Dobrodan, Bulgaria

The monument of the 34th Troyan Regiment in the village of Dobrodan was built under the suggestion of Hristo Danov, a mayor of the village. His family story is closely related to WWI because his grandfather, non-commissioned officer Hristo Ivanov Danov was killed at the Doiran position in 1917.

Bulgaria, Dobrodan

Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


16 m2

State of repair/preservation

Very good

Historical WWI Context

The first monument for commemoration of the perished solders from the village of Dobrodan was made immediately after the end of the war in 1919. The granddaughter of another hero from the WWI after a visit in the village also supported the the idea for  a new monument building. The lady is an architect and she designed the monument. According to the first decision, the new monument supposed to be a Christian cross at its upper part, but due to the fact that there were also Muslims who had died in the fighting, the new symbol on the monument has chosen - the cross for "Courage". There are plates of black granite with the names of all fallen people from the village of Dobrodan, as well as the places where the regiment fought. The monument was made by donations from local residents, heirs and Ministry of Defence. The main contributor is regiment Ruschev, who is the chairman of the Company of the Royal Officers. In 2004, a National Committee was set up to find and restore the monuments of those who died during the wars.

The monument in the village of Dobrodan was officially opened on the 9th of May 2009 in the presence of 116 guards and many official guests. It is no chance this very date to be chosen for the event. On this day the architect's grandfather Hristo Acekov was killed. Each year, the relatives of the solders come to this place to reverence the heroism of the solders. Each year the Municipality provides a free transport for the citizens of Troyan and for those who want to visit Doyran and the places where 34 Troyan Regiments had battles.

State of legal protection



Public municipal property


Free access

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Further information sources



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