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The memorial of the First Sofia Division, Sofia

The memorial of the perished soldiers from the First and Sixth Infantry Regiments of Sofia is located in the capital of Bulgaria. It was officially opened on the 28th of October 1934 by Bulgarian monarch Boris III. At the ceremony, the flags of the regiments waved before the solemn soldier's order.

Bulgaria, Sofia

Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


State of repair/preservation


Historical WWI Context

The monument consists of a lion sculpture situated in the middle of the three large marble walls with the names of over 3000 dead soldiers from the two regiments in the Balkan war (1912 - 1913), the War from (1913) and the WWI (1914-1918). The Monument was a place for celebrations, memorials, parades, and other military celebrations until World War II. During the bombing over Sofia, the eastern wall was destroyed. After the 9th of September 1944, the Communist government removed the statue of the lion. During the construction of the National Palace of Culture in 1980, the other two walls are destroyed. During the WWI, the division participated in the fighting in Serbia. Later, took part in the capture of the Tutrakan fortress, and after the victory, the regiment of the division passed in a solemn march along the streets of Bucharest. In 1917, the First Sofia Division was transferred to the Southern Front where, after the break-through at Dobro Pole and the Thessaloniki truce, was holded in captivity. During this period, no regimental flag falls into the enemy. All of them were saved at the risk of the lives of dozens of officers who hide it under their clothes, pillows, cachets and after escapes and long night marches, they were able to bring all flags intact to the palace. In 2017, the lion was returned to the same place where he has stood for 45 years. It is expected that in 2018 the restoration of the memorial will continue.

State of legal protection



Public municipal property


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Further information sources


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