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Military Cemetery Josefov, Czech Republic

The Military Cemetery Josefov is connected with the Josefov Fortress, a fortified garrison town and POW camp during WWI.

At the War Cemetery of Josefov are burried over 2,000 POWs from WWI (mainly Russian and Italian) as well as the remains of soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army who died during the war in the fortress. 

Czech Republic, Hradec Králové Region

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery


21 366 m²

State of repair/preservation

Historical WWI Context

The cemetery was part of the Fortress Josefov and was established in 1780. It always has been used as cemetery for military from various countries due to the fact that Fortress Josefov was also used as a POW camp and war lazaret. The Fortress ceased its main function in 1888. However, the cemetery was in continious use. During WWI, the cemetery was extended to create space for deceased POWs.  During the WWI, a monument for fallen Russian soldiers was erected. In 2000, a monument for fallen Italian prisoners was unveiled, in 2004 a monument for French prisoners. 

State of legal protection

Czech Cultural Monument


Town of Jaromer

Kind of cultural use of WWI

The cemetery is part of the educational trail Česká Skalice - Svinišťany - Josefov 1866, which focusses on the  Austrian - Prussian War. In June 1866, more than 100 000 soldiers fought battle in this region, leaving behind thousands of dead and wounded. There are many monuments and educational trails or information shields on this.

Although Josefov was not the location of the battle, it is closely linked to it due to the fact that Fortress Josefov was a major regional military center and POW location.  


Public cemetery

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Information regarding cities, villages, other touristic attractions (non-WWI) nearby

The Josefov Fortress is a major tourist destination. It now is part of the Town of Jaromer

The Town of Hradec Kralove is 15 km southwest of Jaromer. It is a major town (almost 100 000 inhabitants) with all ammenities and facilities.



There are several hotels and B&B in Jaromer and surrounding. 

Public Transport

Jaromer is on majar bus and train lines. Josefov Fortress can be reached easily from the main station. The cemetery is locted outside town, about 2 km. There is low frequency regional bus passing by.

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