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War Monument, Trebon, Czech Republic

In front of the primary school opposite the castle park is an extensive monument for the soldiers fallen in WWI and WWII. It is a schulpture in the middle, flanked by two large stones with name plates, one stone on the left for soldiers fallen in WWI, on the right for WWII.

Czech Republic,

Type of WWI-heritage

  • War monument


Complex monument with several parts

State of repair/preservation

Well preserved, regularly maintained and decorated with wreaths and flowers.

In 2018, the area around the monument was upgraded and improved.

Historical WWI Context

During World War I, the country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. No fighting was taking place on Czech territory, but men were subject to military duties with the joint Imperial and Royal Army (kaiserlich und königliche Armee or k.u.k). As of 1914, also civilian men and reservists were drafted into the army. With their regiments they went to fight in far-off countries, where many lost their lives. Thousands refused to fight on the Austro-Hungarian side but joined the independent Czechoslowak Legions (Russian, French, and Italian). The activities of the Czechoslovak Legions significantly  contributed to the establishment of the independent state of Czechoslovakia at the end of the war (27 October 1918).

After the founding of this new state, memorials for WWI were built in many municipalities as a statement of thanks and remembrance. If the monuments were large enough, additional names were added later for WWII as well.

Very often the monuments are owned by the municipality, but many are also private (on private land), which are maintained by local residents, often belonging to the same families to this day.

State of legal protection

Protected Heritage


Town of Trebon

Kind of cultural use of WWI

The monument is mentioned in various tourist information material, but not as a specific destination.


public place

Entrance Fee


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The memorial to the war victims consists of three separate parts - the central sculptural scene and two granite blocks with reliefs, by sculpture K. Gabriel. The central part of the monument on a sandstone block has two life-size male figures, one on the left, the face of which reflects the suffering experienced, sits with hands loosely running along the body and with its legs crumpled. The second male character is standing, with his left foot pointing forward. With his left hand he covers his face, the right one touches the right thigh.

The memorial is complemented by names lists that were fallen in the 1st and 2nd World War and inscriptions:
Even in distress they proudly defied their defiance.
By suffering for freedom.
The victims of evil.

Public Transport

The monument is located near the historic center of the town.

Trebon is a bus hub and has two train stations

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Kojakovice Museum covering rural life from 1848 to 1918, including permanent WWI exhibition




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