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Vranduk Fortress, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zenica

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Non-Military Site of World War One Relevance


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State of repair/preservation

It is in good condition.

Historical WWI Context

The object underwent reparation works in 1914, Vranduk Fortress walls have been repaired in the mentioned time.

Since 1878, Zenica is a part of Austro-Hungarian Bosnia. New European rule brought major industrial revolution in this part of the world. With several, state-sponsored projects private capital was stimulated for investment in whole Bosnia. Those projects include a railway from Bosanski Brod to Zenica built in 1879, a Coal Mine (1880), Paper Works (1885), Steel Factory (1892) and a Prison (1886), all of which made a very important influence on the modern urban development of the city. Coal and iron, as the basics of the industrial development during the late 19-th century, were the major factors which influenced the decision to make Zenica as the location of Bosnia`s heavy industry. In the beginning of the 20th century, there was an urban boom and the official State Register for the year 1910 shows that in only a few years the number of population had increased to 7,215 inhabitants. An Orthodox Church was built in 1882, two Catholic Churches in 1910, a Synagogue in 1903, several coaching inns, a hotel, a school, sewerage, paved roads and more. The city changed markedly in character during this period as might be expected during such a developmental boom. During WWI Zenica wasn’t so important area of it. Important battles didn’t take place anywhere near Zenica or this central point of Bosnia.

State of legal protection

Vranduk Fortress is a protected national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Vranduk Fortress is in the care of  – PI Zenica City Museum

Kind of cultural use of WWI

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Information regarding cities, villages, other touristic attractions (non-WWI) nearby

The closest to Zenica is Vranduk Fort. Orthodox Church in Zenica and Catholic Church in Zenica also protected national monuments, Synagogue in Zenica. And there is also Bobovac (near Kakanj), Fojnica Monastery and Museum.


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Public Transport

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Further information sources

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Museums Private Collections

National Historical Library and Archive in Sarajevo,

City Museum in Zenica,

Museum in Travnik,

Old churches and mosques.


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