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First World War Military Cemetery Črniče, Slovenia

Situated south of the village of Črniče, on the hill close by the civil cemetery, is an Austro-Hungarian WW1 military cemetery. Buried there are Austro-Hungarian soldiers who died on the Isonzo Front, between the years 1915 – 1917. The first grave was made here as early as 11 August 1915, and the last one in the early days of January 1918. In July 1918, the dean of Črniče Alojzij Novak made a list of graves and their state of preservation, with the names of the buried, which shows that 465 soldiers, mainly members of the 96th Infantry Regiment of Karlovac, were buried at that time in the cemetery or outside its walls. Most of the buried soldiers were killed during the battles on Mt. Markov Hrib above Šempeter or died due to the wounds received there, but many also died of cholera. After the war the cemetery was rearranged by the Italian military authorities that organized the military cemetery in its present extent. According to their information, there are 434 persons buried in the cemetery.


Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery


1600 m2 (40m x 40 m)

State of repair/preservation

The cemetery is well preserved.

Historical WWI Context

No information available.

State of legal protection

No information available.


Republic of Slovenia, Gregorčičeva ulica 20, 1000 Ljubljana

Kind of cultural use of WWI

The Walk of Peace


Open 24 hours/day throughout the year.

Entrance Fee

There is no entrance fee.

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Further information sources

Municipality of Ajdovščina (Občina Ajdovščina)


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