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Hotel "Bosna", part of the Spa complex in Ilidža near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Part of the “Sarajevo assassination” heritage, a hotel constructed in 1895. as a part of the larger spa complex in Banja Ilidža, Sarajevo. It was the place where archduke Franz Ferdinand and countess Sophie Chotek were accommodated prior the assassination on 28.6.1914.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Non-Military Site of World War One Relevance


cca width: 40 m ; depth: 20 m; height: 20 m

State of repair/preservation

Main building, owned by a private hotel company today, is preserved but not in function as restoration is underway. The the original ornamental wooden parts of the façade perished after the Second world war.

Historical WWI Context

As a part of their route to Sarajevo, archduke Frany Ferdinand and countess Sophie Chotek arrived to hotel “Bosna” on 25. 6. 1914, countess Sophie in the morning, and archduke Franz Ferdinand in the evening, respectively. Hotel was located in Banja Ilidža (Bad Ilidža), a tree-lined spa town at the source of the Bosna river. It was a fancy spa hotel with electric lighting, sulfur baths, Turkish baths, Roman ruins and mosaics, a carousel, three lawn-tennis courts, a shooting gallery, bingo, billiards, a game room, rental horses with guides, fireworks, and carriage rides down a magnificent 3 kilometer tree-lined grand Alley to the pools of Vrelo Bosne. Other modern amenities included a post office, telegraph, and telephone. The Second Battalion of the 92nd K.u.k. Infantry Regiment took up guard duties around the hotel complex and raised a flag with the Imperial Habsburg double eagle. The royal couple was ensconced in a suite of rooms especially furnished with luxurious Ottoman-style lamps, carpets, drapes, needlework, handicrafts, and furniture supplied by the prominent Sarajevo merchant Elias B. Kabiljo, a Sephardic Jew. The archduke and countess hosted a gala dinner for the great and the good of Sarajevo there, on June 27th 1914. In the morning of June, 28th, the couple breakfasted before retreating to the private chapel that had been specially created for them in their living quarters in the Hotel Bosna. After a prayer, a few minutes before 9.30am, they set off for the Ilidža railway station.

State of legal protection

Currently not protected by State, however Cantonal heritage protection institute has records of this monument from Austro-Hungarian era.



Kind of cultural use of WWI

Part of the “Sarajevo assassination” tourist route, also starting point for Vrelo Bosne natural park and hiking tour to nearby Igman mountain.


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Entrance Fee

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Public Transport

Taxi, Bus, Tramway, nearby airport.

Further information sourcesža

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