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Military cemetery Veľkrop

The war cemetery in Veľkrop is the biggest cemetery from the First World War in Slovakia. 8862 soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian armies have found final resting place here. Only 11 buried soldiers from total number are known by the name. The cemetery originated after departing the front. War graves from surroundings were exhumed and corpses have been brought over to war cemetery in Veľkrop. The exhumation was continued in the interwar period. Exhumations were carried out near the villages Breznička, Makovce, Soľník or Varechovce. After Second World War, they continued limited treatment of sacred place but then the war cemetery have started to decay. The volunteers started to renew the war cemetery in 2009. In the first period, the cemetary area was cleared of self-seeded trees. A very interesting architecture of the cemetery of archives sketch has shown after a thorough cleaning and it is important to preserve historical shape of this place. The volunteers have carried out a restore of surface of war cemetery since 2010. The places among graves are filled in stone paths and the graves are emphasising with a stone bead and all changes on the war cemetery are based on the project of Ing. Arch. Ľudomír Gramat. The main goal is implement renewing so that the cemetery will fit into the surrounding landscape. On the other hand, it has to retain its historical shape.


Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery


3 360 m2

State of repair/preservation

Well preserved, but reconstructions of some parts need to be done. Since 2010, the cemetery has been restored. It will be completed in 2018.

Historical WWI Context

Within the cemetery are buried soldiers who perished during the fighting around the village of Veľkrop from November 1914 to May 1915.

The cemetery was built after leaving the front in 1916-1918.

State of legal protection


Village Veľkrop

Kind of cultural use of WWI

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