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Military cemeteries and trenches in Výrava

The War Cemeteries in village Výrava are located directly on the battlefield above the village. More than 3000 soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian, Russian and German armies are buried in these cemeteries.

There are 3 cemetery were built during the First World War:

  • Kobyla
  • Peak 600
  • Kudrovec

Peak 600

The war cemetery was founded in 1916 and is the remains of heavy fights, which took place at this area in spring 1915. It consists of 6 common graves, with 2 – 3 soldiers buried in each, and 14 mass graves. The number of soldiers is approximate, as we have no knowledge about the exact numbers of soldiers buried in mass graves. The total number of German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian soldiers buried there could be about 636.

The reconstruction of the war cemetery started in 2009. Its condition was very poor and it was necessary to remove the raid wood and reconstruct the graves in the first place. In 2011, thanks to the support from the Carpathian Foundation, volunteers started with complex reconstruction. A connecting road between the cemeteries in Výrava – Pod Kobylou and Výrava – Peak 600 was built. Based on photodocumentation, this war cemetery was reconstructed to the final state in the 30s of the 20th century. The barbed wire, which makes the fence around the cemetery, was not used randomly. This type of fence would be used on war cemeteries at the foot of the Carpathian mountains in the interwar Czechoslovakia.

Pod Kobylou

The war cemetery is the remains of hard fights, which took place at this place in spring 1915. It was built in 1916. There are 22 graves there altogether, 11 of them are mass graves, 6 common and 5 individual graves. The number of buried soldiers is approximate, as the numbers of soldiers in the mass graves are also only approximate. It is believed that about 420 soldiers of German, Austrian-Hungarian and Russian armies could have been buried at the cemetery.

The cemetery was wearing out for long years. In 2009 it was close to extinction. However, volunteers from the Club of military history Beskydy and from the village of Výrava cleaned it and the grave fields were heaped up. The graves were equipped with temporary birch crosses. In 2011, thanks to the support of Carpathian Foundation, a complex reconstruction of the war cemetery began. The result of hours of voluntary work is the reconstructed war cemetery you are looking at now.


Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery
  • Trench-system


State of repair/preservation

War Cemeteries are refurbished. The restoration of the cemetery took place between 2009 and 2014. The trenches were not restored, but they are visible in the terrain.

Historical WWI Context

The cemetery are buried soldiers who died during the fighting around the village Výrava from November 1914 to May 1915. Cemeteries were built in the period of 1916-1918.

State of legal protection

War Cemeteries are not protected. The proposal of their protection has been asked to the relevant authorities. The process of assessment is still unfinished.


Village Výrava

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