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Military cemetery Hostovice

Village Hostovice was affected by the events of the First World War, for the first time, in the autumn of the year 1914; it was also affected, for the second time, on the spring of the year 1915, when the front line was stabilized in the north of the village Skory. During the fights for this altitude (ground elevation?) the great number of soldiers was killed. The part of them was buried in the local war cemetery. In this village was working the health care unit established by the Infantry regiment of militia number 51.
This cemetery represents the place of the final rest for 112 soldiers; the majority of them, 104 Austro-Hungarian soldiers are known according to their names. The rest 8 soldiers are unknown; the one from them is probably a soldier of Russian army.

The restoration of this war cemetery was realised by the Club of Military history Beskydy in the cooperation with the village Hostovice. Author of this project was Ing. Ľubomír Gramata. The maximum emphasis has been placed on the preserving of the historic character of this war cemetery. The reconstruction works have been finished in the year 2014.


Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery


State of repair/preservation

Historical WWI Context

State of legal protection

Not protected.


Village Hostovice

Kind of cultural use of WWI

In the village there is a tourist path to the bell tower built by the Club of Military History of the Beskydy. Every year there is an event - march to the bell tower. Part of it is a pious act at the war cemetery.
Cemetery visits to school excursions.


Entrance Fee

No entrance fee

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Bus stop in the village ( )

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