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Small museum dedicated to World War One in Nižná Polianka

Expositions include weapons, military equipment, clothing, and replicas of the period uniforms.

The three large showcases contain the uniforms of the fighting parties of the Austro-Hungarian army and the Russian army. There is a period uniform of a nurse, also a soldier of the German army who fought near Gorlice. New information panels can transfer visitors to battles in the Carpathians.

The visitor will find basic factual information as the First World War hit the northeast of Slovakia, what was the Easter battle in the Carpathians, how many victims it had claimed, but also the war cemeteries that arose as a result of the fighting.


Type of WWI-heritage

  • WW1 museum


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State of legal protection

Not protected


Kind of cultural use of WWI


According to the agreement with the office of Nižná Polianka.

In case of interest, please contact them:

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The village Nižná Polianka is located near the Slovak-Polish border. It lies in the northern part of the Low Beskids in the valley of the Ondava river. From the town of Bardejov, the village is 17 km away. The first written mention of the village dates back to 1572.

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Bus stop in the village ( )

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