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Military Cemetery Pisek, Czech Republic

Pisek was a large garrison town, and the military cemetery used to be close to the local church. However, during WWI a new cemetery was built to accommodate the higher number of fallen soldiers. These numbers rose because Pisek also used to be a military hospital town, with many casualties being sent here. 

In the period 1914-1919, 393 soldiers were buried here. In the post-war period until 1938, an additional 49 soldiers were buried here. There are two mass graces and 428 crosses for individual soldiers.

There are three larger monuments commemorating the fallen soldiers. The first monument was made in 1915 from cast iron, by a local craftsman. The second monument is a statute from 1917 by Frantisek Zemlicka, specifically commemorating the 11. Infantry Regiment. The third monument is from 1929 commemorating the 28. Rifle Regiment. This monument was originally used as celebration of the 40th anniversary of Emperor Franz Josef I, but later adapted in the extended role.

With establishing the cemetery, they also included a small chapel that was built by soldiers recovering from their wounds in the hospital. 

On November 7, 1929, 62 fallen soldiers from Yugoslavia that were buried in Pisek where exhumed and transported by train to Jindrichovice, in the Sokolov area, where their mausoleum is protected as cultural heritage.



Czech Republic, South Bohemian Region

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Military cemetery


4255 m2

State of repair/preservation

In 1993, the cemetery and chapel underwent reconstruction.

Historical WWI Context

War cemetery especially built during WWI to bury the remains of k.u.k. casulties that died mostly in the military hospital and of remains of POWs. 

State of legal protection



Until 2004, the Ministry of Defense was owner, since 2004, the Town of Pisek is owner.

Kind of cultural use of WWI

No specific touristic use


Public cemetery

Entrance Fee


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The Town of Pisek is a larger regional center with all amenities.


The Town of Pisek is a major regional town with all ammenities.

Public Transport

The Town of Pisek is a major transport hub in the region, with regular bus and train connections. The cemetery can be reached by local and regional bus, and is 500m from a local train station. 

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