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The monument to General Stefan Toshev, General Toshevo, Bulgaria

Bust-monument of General Stefan Toshev. The space around the monument is shaped as a small garden.

Bulgaria, General Toshevo

Type of WWI-heritage

  • Non-Military Site of World War One Relevance
  • War monument


Dimensions of the monument - total: 150/80/400 cm Dimensions of the bronze cast: 150/80/150 cm Dimensions of the pedestal: 80/70/250 cm

State of repair/preservation

Good condition

Historical WWI Context

The monument was built on the occasion of 120 years since the birth of the patron of the city - the infantry general Stefan Toshev. Не was born in Stara Zagora. The Bulgarian hero was participant in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 as a volunteer. In the Serbian-Bulgarian War of 1885 he commanded a battalion in the battles at Vrabcha, Tran and later at Slivnitsa. In the Balkan War of 1912 he was the commander of the First Infantry Division of Sofia. In the 1913Toshev commanded the 5th Army, and during the First World War, the 3rd Army. He is an author of "The War of Liberation 1877-78" / 1902 / and "The Actions of the Third Army in Dobrudzha in 1916". The monument was unveilted on the 21th of December 1979 in the presence of Stefan Chalakov - grandson of General Stefan Toshev, the author and the designer of the monument and the authors of the book "Historical essay for General Stefan Toshev" - Colonel Dimitar Hristov and Colonel Venelin Karaivanov. The monument consists of one main sculptural part with the face of General Stefan Toshev, placed on a black marble floor. In the central part of the pedestal there is relief embossed with bronze. The space around the monument is shaped as a small garden.

State of legal protection



Municipality General Toshevo


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Further information sources


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